FREE SHIPPING TODAY!!! Waiting on Financial Aid, Paycheck, etc.? Use our Rent Now, Pay Later program and PAY NOTHING TODAY!

Waiting on Financial Aid, Paycheck, etc.?

We know you have homework and tests & you need your textbooks for class. With our deferred payment method, it allows you to order your books, pick them up today, and pay for them 4 weeks later.  The Summer 2018 payment date is June 15th, 2018

How it works?

Our “Rent Now, Pay Later” option allows you to rent/buy your books now and not have to pay us until 4 weeks later. This allows you to get your books now and not get behind in class or on homework.  For Summer 2018 books, we will charge the credit card number that is on file on June 15th, 2018. It allows you time to get your financial aid money from the school, get paid from your job, get money from mom or dad, or any other reason you need to wait to pay us.

What if I need extra time to pay for my books?

No worries! Please contact us, and we will set a new date to process your payment.

What will you need to bring?

-Driver’s License

-Credit or Debit card (with at least a $1.00 balance)

-Phone Number

-Email Address

What is the Summer 2018 payment processing date?

The Summer 2018 payment date is June 15th, 2018.

What if I decide I want to keep my books at the end of the semester?

No problem! We call it our No-Risk Rental Program. Just let us know which books you want to buy, and we will just charge you the difference at the end of the semester.  It allows you to save money by renting all of your books and gives you time to determine which books you want to keep.

Deferred Payment Agreement

I agree to pay the full purchase amount. I am responsible for contacting Textbook Brokers in the event my financial aid funds have not arrived by the deposit date listed. If for any reason my credit/debit card is invalid or at the time of deposit or the check does not clear the bank, I accept responsibility for all fees involved in the collection process.

Deferred Payment Agreement

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